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Customized Services offered by Generation Venture

Benefit from our services and increase awareness among your prospective and existing customers. Generation Venture offers creative solutions of how to give various kinds of businesses an international presence.
We are profound in tailoring our services when it comes to approach specific target groups. contact us


Trade Fair Video Interviews

Generation Venture has expertise in creating entertaining trade fair videos that focus on each particular company’s strengths. Our videos aim on being easy to understand for the respective audience, entertaining to watch and being insightful. Our camera team is proficient in shooting from the right angles whereas our interviewer knows exactly how to trigger the right answers.

Why Trade Fair Interviews?
1. Trade fairs are timely and expensive. A trade fair interview enables you to show all your existing and prospective customers how successful your trade fair presence has been.
2. It is an excellent promotion tool!
3. Use it to communicate your company to a wide audience on youtube, facebook and via your website


Company Videos

Generation Venture creates company profiles in video form. Make an appointment and let Generation Venture visit your company. We will create a great video impression of your company including interviews, product communication, service performance and production processes.

Why company videos?
1. Use your individualized company profile video as an excellent promotion tool.
2. Include it to Youtube, Facebook and you website, so more and more people will get to know your company.
3. Get your existing and prospective customers to understand your company in a better way. So, you will build trust and convince customers to go with you instead of the competition.


Hire us

Are you planning on setting up a booth on a trade fair in Bangkok? If you have not the right crew together, yet, you can hire us! Generation Venture offers two young and energetic Germans with fluency in various languages and a quick learning ability when it comes to new products and services.

Why hiring us?
1. We area experienced in Trade Fairs and proficient in communicating products and services
2. The Generation Venture team is familiar with both Asian and Western cultures which gives you a competitive advantage to other companies
3. We speak English, Thai and German



“The Generation Venture Team is fun to work with. They realized exactly the video we wanted to have for our company and I strongly recommend them.”

- Yuza Amano, Sales executive -