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About us

Generation Venture Team

Generation Venture is a young team of energetic business minds that got fascinated by the world of trade fairs. Exhibitions are temporary defined events in recurring intervals. We document them for your pleasure and further open up a world of opportunities to others. Our team consists of two main players:


Felix Schrick

Felix is Generation Venture's interviewer and is conducting most of the interviews. He is also responsible for video editing. Felix is originally from Germany and has been living in Asia for several years. He speaks German, English, Thai and French.
"Being a young man in Asia is simply fascinating. We are right at the spot where business actually happens and everything is moving very quickly.
I am currently employed as a marketing executive and found Thailand an amazing place for it is located right in the middle of all emerging economies in South East Asia.
This is exactly where we are going to take you!"

Contact: Felix@generationventure.com


Ricardo Wenck

Ricardo is mainly obligated with the pick of the trade fairs and interviewees, structuring the procedure, designing the website and last but not least being the man behind the camera. Rico, as we call him, has been studying aircraft management and is originally from Berlin, Germany.
He has an engineering background coupled with a sense for business opportunities and has spent several years in South East Asia.
"All my life I have been keen on visiting trade fairs and become captivated by new developments in the industries. To realize Generation Venture is just perfect for me because I can pursue my hobby and disclose all my creativity at the same time.
I have been learning a lot about various industries and it is simply magnificent how business takes off here in Asia"

Contact: Ricardo@generationventure.com



“We have had a huge response from the video taken and it helped us tremendously to increase awareness among prospective customers. We simply had to do another one! ”

- Kevin, Marketing executive -